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3 Card Games Best for Families

It’s Thanksgiving.

All of your cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents are present. After a bountiful dinner, everyone gathered in the living room and started playing cards.

Playing cards has been a part of our family tradition, with or without a special event or celebration. It does not only bring fun to the party, but it also brings you closer together.

Make your family bonding time more fruitful and enjoyable by introducing these card games that are best played with your family.

  1. Memory/Concentration

This game is perfect for the entire family. Younger children have better memory and it’s more fun when they can outwit their older counterparts. Using a standard 52-card deck, the goal of this game is to collect the most pairs of cards. It is best played with two to six players.

How is it done?

  • Shuffle the entire deck of cards and lay them face down. You can also put them in a rectangle or square layout to make it easier.
  • The first to play the game would be the youngest player and then it goes clockwise from that player.
  • When a player turns over any two cards, this is when a turn begins. He keeps the card if the two cards are matching (such as two aces of the same color or two eights of the same color). He is done with his turn if the cards don’t match.
  • The play moves onto the next player.
  • The player keeps the two cards that match and goes on picking two cards at a time until they don’t match.
  • The players continue on picking cards until there is no more cards left face down.
  • The winner will be the player with the most number of matching cards. Second places go to the player with the second most amounts of matches, etc.

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  1. Crazy Eights

This game of a standard 52-card deck can be played with two or more players. The main objective of this game is to get rid of all the cards in your hand. You should really collect those crazy eights if you want to win this game.

How is it done?

  • Select a dealer. If you have four or fewer players, the dealer would hand out seven cards to each player. The players start with five cards each if you have more than four players.
  • Place the remaining cards face down in the middle of the playing area in a neat stack.
  • Take the first card from the pile facing down and place it face up on the next to the stack.
  • The game always begins with the player on the left of the dealer and from here on out, it goes clockwise.
  • When it’s the turn of the player, he plays a card that matches the top card that is in discard pile. This can be done with either rank such as a nine or a jack or a matching the suit.
  • If the player can’t match the top card on the discard pile by rank or by suit, he should draw cards from the stack until he can play one that is matching the card facing up.
  • If the cards in the draw pile have ran out, you can use the cards that are stacked up. Make sure that you shuffle them very well to avoid having them in particular order.
  • Wild cards are all the eights. When you use an eight (which can be played on any card during a turn), you get to choose the new course of the game, either a rank or a suit.
  • You should empty all the cards in your hand in order to win the game.
  • The game can continue until only the last person has cards in his hand.
  1. Go Fish

You can have two to ten players in this game. Go Fish needs mostly luck and little strategy so it’s ideal for small children. The winner of this game which uses a standard 52-card deck is the player that has the most piles of cards at the end of the game.

How is it done?

  • The game begins with each player being dealt with five cards. Seven cards are dealt to each player if there are four or fewer players.
  • The remaining cards become the fish pond. Sprawl them out in a messy circle in the middle of everyone.
  • The game starts when the first player asks another player what card they have in his hand such as a seven or a jack. Players are not allowed to ask for a card that they do not have, they should only ask for cards that they have in possession.
  • The player must turn the card over to the requester if he has the card that was asked.
  • The player who asked the question continues to asking for more of his cards until someone tells them to go fish.
  • A player tells the other player to go fish if he does not have the card that was asked by other player. The other player can then go fish in the fish pond.
  • The turn is then moved to the next player and this repeats over and over again.
  • A player needs to put three cards of one kind in front of him for everyone to view, say three kings or three 2s.
  • If a player picks up card that is already laid down in front of another player, then simply add it to the pile and pick another card from the fish pond. For example, if you picked up a 3 and other player has already laid down three 3s, simply put your 3 up in the pile and take another card from the fish pond.
  • The game carries on until all of the cards in the fish pond have been picked and all the cards are laid in piles in front of players.
  • Whoever has the most number of sets in front of him is hailed the winner.

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