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How to Play Slapjack

If you think that card games are for adults only, well you have to think again.

There are a number of card games that are suited for children. If you want to introduce a game night tradition for your family, why not teach your little ones how to play slapjack?

Also known as Slaps, Slapjack is a simple standard-deck card game, generally played among children. Also known as Heart Attack, this game which is related to Egyptian Ratscrew is a good choice if you want to introduce playing cards to your kids.


Slapjack is a fast-paced card game for 2 or more players.  If you want to win this game, your impulses should be fast as you need to react quickly. There won’t be much of a learning curve since this card game is easy to learn and easy to play.

What is needed: two or more players and a 52 card deck.

Deal: Players are dealt 1 card at a time until all the cards have been dealt. It’s fine if some players have one more card than others. Players should keep their cards face down in a pile.

Objective: In order to win, you have to be the first player to win all the cards.

How is it played: The game starts with dealer’s left side player flipping the top card from his/her pile into the middle. The next player will also do the same and the move of players is clockwise. This game should be played at a fast pace.

Once a jack is flipped up into the middle, it can be slapped.  Whoever slaps the jack first gets to keep the entire middle pile.  The middle pile is shuffled into the existing pile of players and that player starts the new middle pile.

A player who runs out of cards has one more chance to slap and win back cards. He is out of the game if a jack is played and he is not the first player to slap the pile. He is also out of the game if he mistakenly slaps the pile while having no cards left.

Who wins the game? The first player who gets all the 52 cards wins the game.

Click here to watch a video tutorial of how the game is played.

Slapjack Variations


Since this game is specifically designed for children, famous characters from movies and cartoons are featured in the game deck. Famous children are featured as well.

This game is ideal for two or more players. A single deck is used and all cards are dealt turn by turn. It’s okay if these cards are not even. Once all the cards are dealt, each of the players will have to place a card from his pile to the center of table from facedown to face up. A player has to shout “Snap” and places his hand on top of the pile if two consecutive cards come out to be identical. Whoever did this first will take the pile and place them at the bottom his stack. The winner will be the player who acquired all of the cards.

There is also another variation of snap: A player has to simultaneously shout “slapjack” while placing his hands over the pile. A player who failed to do so is not allowed to pile. If a player shouted “slapjack” and it turned out that the top card is not a jack, then he will not be included in the division of the pile.

Alternative Rules

All the jokers are not included from a single deck. The players would then deal the cards equally. They are not allows to look at the cards. Using the clockwise direction, the player that is on the left of the dealer will place a card to the center of table face up. The player proclaims the face value of the card.

The game continuous like the 2nd version but the players who got rid of their cards will also participate in it. They would only do the counting as they won’t be having a card to put down. For example, player X has already gotten rid of all his cards while player Y still has the cards. Player Y places a 10 and shouts “9” then everyone will slap the pile as soon as player X shouts 10.

Cabin 6

This game is ideal for slightly older demographic. Though traditional deck of cards is still used, there are added complications to make this game appealing to older players.

The game starts with 54 decks of cards including jokers. Players deal these cards face down. All players would then have to simultaneously flip over their top card. If any of these two cards are of identical number or a joker is played by any player, whoever shouts “snap” first will receive all of the cards played. Players turn over the next card in their deck if no card is played. A player who runs out of cards has until the end of the trick to attempt to win themselves cards. Failure to do so will lead to elimination. Players who are eliminated act as judges as to who cries out first. The winner will be the player with all of the cards at the end.

Irish Snap

The objective of this card game is to lose cards as quickly as possible. This game has only one loser so whoever has all the cards at the end of the game can do forfeits.

Extreme Irish Snap

Also referred as ‘Irish Snap’ or ‘Ultimate Snap’, this game is based on the alternative rules of Irish Snap in addition to any other house rules the players consent to. Rules that are commonly accepted include:

  • Irish Snap

All players snap if the card rank presently laid matches the rank being spoken by the layer.

  • Conventional Snap

All players snap if the card laid is identical in rank to the one beneath it.

  • Runs

Players snap a set of cards which decrease or increase by one rank every card. For example:  8,7,6 or 5,6,7.

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