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Strategies You Must Master If You Want to Win Uno

Uno game has been around for years. In fact, you’d find a family gathering or two where you and your cousins outwit each other over Uno cards.

If you always find yourself on the losing side, let me tell you a little secret. The key to winning any Uno game is quite simple – you have to use the correct strategy and right combination of cards. Other key elements to being victorious depends on the colors in your hand, the numbers of opponents, the Action cards you have, and how many Action cards have been used on/against you.

Though luck plays its part on this game, having these strategies will increase your chances of winning. Start learning the strategies below for a better Uno player.

Count Cards

Keeping track of what cards have been played is not an easy task. First, you need to stay focused and be attentive to what is going on around you. Here are some of the things that you must remember:

  • If you have noticed that your opponent has put down quite a few cards of the same color, you must change the color being played immediately. You should not let them get rid of their cards so quickly.
  • Do your best not to have the color changed if your opponent has to keep drawing cards on the same color each turn. Following this strategy keeps that opponent from drawing cards continuously until they draw one that can be played but also gives them an additional amount of cards in their hand.
  • You can also try controlling the color in play. The most effective way of doing so is by using the Wild Cards. Also, you can change the color if you lay down the same number of the card played but with a different color. For example, if there is a red 2, you can play a green 2 to change the color.

Skip/Reverse/Draw-Two Cards

If you want to be the one calling Uno instead of another player, then it is important that you use your Skip and Reverse cards strategically. Also, you have to be keen on how many cards are left on each player’s hands.

  • Lower your card count by hitting your other opponent who is getting low on cards with any Skips and Reverses. This tactic can also be used if a player next to you is getting low on cards.
  • Let’s say you have a Skip and a Reverse card and the player two down from you is on their last card. It would be better if you pick the Reverse card. Playing the skip card gives the second person an opportunity to win if they are able to lay their last card down since this move means the person next to you will be skipped over.

Just like with the Skip and Reverse card, you need to play the Draw-Two card strategically. This strategy works best if you want to prevent a player low on cards from winning that round.

  • Play a reverse then follow it with a Draw Two card on your next turn if the player that has just gone before you is left with only a few cards. Sure, Reverse may let them play another card but the Draw Two will give them an extra card.
  • Play a Draw Two card if the player who goes after you has one card left. This will certainly keep them from saying Uno.
  • If your match is made up of four or more players, you can “team up” with the player opposite of you in hitting the players to your right or left with either a Skip cards or a couple of Draw Two cards. You can temporary “cooperate” with the player opposite of you to gain an edge in the game.

Wild/Draw-Four Wild cards

Wild and Draw-Four Wild cards has the power to make or break a winning round.

  • Both cards cost 50 points each if you still hold them in your hand at the end of the round, so it’s important that you know when to get rid or hold onto them.
  • Wild cards can be used at any point in the game no matter what has been played so try holding on to them as long as you can.
  • When you are down to a few cards in your hand and are still able to say Uno, you would find a draw four card to be beneficial. You get the points for every card that other players have to draw.
  • Get rid of your Wild or Draw Four Wild cards immediately if another player is low on cards and it seems certain that they will be the one saying Uno.

Playing Your High Cards Early


  • Cards 1-9: Valued at their face amount
  • Reverse: 20 points
  • Draw-Two: 20 points
  • Skip: 20 points
  • Draw-Four Wild: 50 points
  • Wild: 50 points

Remember that the more points the winner gets from you the higher the points in your hand are.

  • Play the highest card you can each turn when you are trying to discard your number cards. Unless of course you have a large amount of cards that match the color in play.
  • Try discarding your 20 point cards.

Additional Tips

  • When another player lays down a card, you should never give him any clue as to what card you have or don’t have. Try your best to refrain from showing actions that give hint such as acting disappointed, groaning or making a face.
  • Though most new Uno players concentrate on playing their cards according to color, it’s a better idea to play a card based on its number instead.
  • Make sure that those other players who are left with one card say Uno. If they don’t say it, you can challenge them and they will have to draw two more cards. You have to be fast though since you are only able to draw a challenge before the next player’s turn comes and he puts down or draws a card.

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