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Tips on How to Become a Better Yugioh Player

It’s a daunting experience getting into Yugioh; it doesn’t help either if you have plenty of friends who are into competition. There are a lot of things to learn and pick up, but becoming a pro is not impossible. All you need to start playing casually is a deck. Here are some of the tips that you can apply if you are just beginning your Yugioh journey.

  1. You Need Basic Equipment to Get Started

Just like how you can’t go to a war without a rifle, going into Yugioh game without equipment is utterly impossible.

So what is the basic equipment that you need?

The basic stuff you’ll need are one kind of tin/box for your commons,  a card binder for your rare cards, card protectors for your decks and a game mat.

Though the market for Yugioh accessories is simply limitless, don’t be tempted to waste your money on futile equipment. More importantly, don’t spend on items where you can get them for free. For instance, there are plenty of free apps for your phone that allow you to keep track of Life Points & use dice. So spending money on dice is totally unnecessary.

  1. Keep Your Cards Organized

Anyone who’s been collecting something would agree that it could get really messy, especially when you have collected so many things already.

Though organizing your cards is not necessary, you’d be glad that you have done so. This will make your dueling life so much easier in the long run when you have everything organized. Keep all archetypes together; you can even have separate boxes for your monsters/spells/traps. It’s a pain when you can’t find what you’re looking for from a pile of massive cards.

So if you want to be like a pro, keep your organizational skills at par.

  1. Avoid Spending Too Much

One of the most common mistakes of new Yugioh players is that they’re spending too much money on cards and hoarding them like an apocalypse is coming and they need to have their pantry filled with supplies.

Undoubtedly, Yugioh is a competitive pay2win game but bear in mind that you are just starting. There’s no sense in emptying your wallet for Konami just yet.

Look out for offers, sales and promotion; you can also trade with other players. Almost all hobbies require money so it’s totally fine to spend a few dollars. What’s not fine is going on a shopping spree and be broke for the next few weeks.

Also, avoid buying booster packs. Buy the individual cards you need online!

  1. Keep on Practicing

Practicing with yourself may sound weird, but there’s no better way to go than doing this method. Though you need 2 decks for this, but it can work wonders. Have 1v1s with yourself, test your best decks against each-other and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of facing another player and getting creamed, practicing by yourself is the best way to test a deck you’ve just made.

  1. Be Consistent

If there’s one secret to a competitive deck, its competency. You need to have a consistent and reliable strategy if you want to win in this game. Have a clear purpose and keep it simple; avoid shoving 5 different combos and win conditions into one deck.

If you are not being consistent, you might end up in trouble. You may find yourself having 5 cards in your hand thinking ‘I can’t do anything!’

  1. Wasting Cards is a No-No

When you realize you can do a lot with your first hand, going balls deep is deliciously tempting.

You want to know a secret on how pros do it?

They do the best that they can with as little cards as possible.

Learning this trick can certainly go a long way for you. If you use your entire hand to deal some damage, it’s more likely that your opponent will clear your field, putting you at a field and hand disadvantage.

  1. Spell Cards

Another big mistake that many new players are guilty of committing is playing their spell cards face down without good reason.

Quick-Play spell cards are okay as you can activate them in your opponents turn but no others should go face down unless you need them to be. You should never forget their vulnerability while on the field so you should always keep them in your hand. They could get your zones locked and take up spell/trap zones if you can’t activate them.

Click here to know more about spell cards.

  1. Size of Your Deck Matters

Now this might elicit a naughty grin for those that have malicious minds, but the size of your deck really does matter.

If you want to determine the consistency of your deck, you have to get your deck to as close to 40 cards as possible. The more likely you are to draw the cards you need if you have fewer cards. The maximum number of cards that you must have on your deck is 60 while the minimum is 40.

  1. Save Your Traps

Traps are some of your only ‘get out of jail free’ cards so don’t be reckless in losing them.

Using them may be exciting and new for you so you may use it on the first chance that you get, but this is not a smart move. Instead, save your traps for other situations.

Many new players have lost a duel because they’ve lost their traps too soon. Don’t make the same mistake and only use them when it is best.

  1. Have Fun

This last tip may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s definitely the best tip there is. The previous 9 tips would be completely useless if you are not enjoying every minute of the game. What’s the use of playing when you feel like you’re in torture every time you lose?

Win or lose, remember that Yugioh is about F-U-N.

The art of making your own deck, using it in battle and winning is undeniably satisfying; make this your own motivation.

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